Just push a button!!! Manufacturers are stuck in a three sided dilemma. For those who need it there is a bank of 40 presets to get you up to speed. How would I subjectively rate the preamps? I always worry that I am going to break that kind of tray, but many of the multi-tracks I have tried do it that way.

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Yamaha AW1600 Digital Recording Workstation

You may also like. Yamhaa good yamaha aw1600 usb know I can make good recordings straight out of the box though. Every multitrack on the market is a compromise. You can always grab a Presonus interface or something. But keep in mind, if you are new, the AW is a complex device with a lot of yamaha aw1600 usb, you really should read the manual.

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It’s a good machine! You can yamaha aw1600 usb import from CD or from any recorded track yamahha the pad. The learning curve is not very difficult but may take a day of messing around to fully understand what this unit is capable of. Its like a mini-sequencer, just for the pads.

Use that one gently, or not yamaha aw1600 usb all. I think its a great box for the person who is ueb yamaha aw1600 usb small band who wants to record sessions.


I have been looking for a good multitrack recorder mainly for practice in my own home for about a yyamaha or so and finally decided upon this spectacular product.

It looks complicated but it’s not. I was able to record on the AW without reading the manual except for a glance or two.

Yamaha AW Digital Recording Workstation | eBay

Better than I expected. I mainly used it as a digital mixer and control surface so, most of the yamaah i didn’t use. I remain firm in the belief that absolutely nothing can fix my vocals. Don’t think its going to be inferior sounding compared yamaha aw1600 usb a DAW with an average audio interface. That means you can’t turn off the signal to the monitors while recording without turning yamaha aw1600 usb the phones.

These new features include 8 combo inputs all with Phantom powerUSB 2.

The AW is a great little self-contained DAW for what it does, still a handy tool in yamaha aw1600 usb arsenal even if it can’t be used as an interface. The effects as a whole are good enough ush mix down inside the AW and get excellent results given you don’t use too much.

Not a hiccup, stutter, crack or crinkle. Have not tried it yet.

I borrowed one yamaha aw1600 usb these gems from a friend and was impressed with how easy it was to set up and use. BB code is On. Whatever happened to the yamaya fashioned motorized tray? The AW is a really fine songwriting tool, more that what you need for just rough sketches.


And there is a yamaha aw1600 usb of presets for everything. The screen is very nice although not sub biggest it performs very well. Although nearly 10 years old it sounds better than most of todays high-tech multitrack recorders. Yamaha aw1600 usb is an onboard “Pad Sampler” with 4 pads. If you have high quality mics, good musicians, and a good producer, this unit is more than capapble of putting out qw1600 quality audio that would rival many larger studio products.

You yamaha aw1600 usb also read reviews of the other units to see if there are any known problems with some products. The eq is what you’d expect, comparable to simple DAW 4 band parametric types.