They say home is where the heart is. That there’s no place like home.

We agree.

And yet, as you or a loved one draws closer to the later years in life, you may be facing a difficult reality: the need to leave that refuge of family, love and laughter in order to fund adequate care for your old age. Because that building, those humble bricks and mortar, are filled not just with your memories and dreams, they also most likely represent your most valuable asset.

But what if we told you that there is a range of options to fund a fully personalised home-care plan, all in one service and without having to leave your home at a time when its comforts and familiarity are perhaps more needed than ever?

What if we told you there’s a new way to stay?

One Solution

New Way To Stay is a unique offering in Australia, drawing on decades of financial and aged care industry expertise to help take the financial and emotional stress out of transitioning into care – all without having to move away from the comfort of your own home.

We provide our clients with a complete end-to-end offering of essential services for older Australians and their families. These are the services typically required by those who have reached a stage in life when they are considering care but would like to stay living in their home, whilst still being able to fund their care without losing their most valuable asset.

We will not only assist you to find the best financial solution to fund your aged care, but we will also develop a fully personalised, best-practice in-home care package – all without the complications or stress of dealing with multiple service providers.

We offer you a personalised and streamlined set of professional services that include:

  1.  developing a fully personalised in-home aged care package offering the highest standards of care in the comfort of your home;
  2.  finding the right financial solution to fund your aged care;
  3.  finding you the best service providers to modify your home to suit immobility issues; and
  4.  providing you with a reliable source of health care products from some of the most reputable brands in the country direct to your home.

About Us

Louise Mace

Founder and Managing Director
Louise Mace

Louise has close to 30 years’ experience working in senior management roles in the Australian and New Zealand health and aged care industries, and also as an independent consultant. Her experience includes working in the supply, distribution and clinical application of specific aged care and healthcare products. This includes, leading clinical and commercial teams of several major global organisations dedicated to the supply and clinical application of continence management, advanced wound care, compression therapy and airway management, to name just a few.

Louise also brings a deeper understanding to the business, having founded New Way To Stay after her own personal life experience revealed to her the need for a new streamlined solution for Australia’s ageing population. Louise is driven to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible.

Les Mace

Les Mace

Les has built a successful career in the financial services industry both in Australia and internationally over the past 40 years, and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of a large Australian financial services licensee. Working at the forefront of the Australian financial services industry, Les has observed the fast-growing need for better financial solutions in the aged care sector. At the same time, as Louise’s partner and husband, he has witnessed first-hand the growing need for a new solution to help provide Australia’s ageing population with a full range of choices.